Seiko with USB Stick QR-7550 Big Time Clock

USB to Computer Pkge : $1410  
  including 25-slot wall-mount card rack, 400 timecards, bonus extra free $55 print ribbon, GST and PostSatchel fast delivery
Main Features:
Digital calculating clock
Up to 100 staff
Ring-bell option
USB connection
Auto card feed & eject
Auto column detect & shift
6-column shift with up to 3 print sets (IN/OUT) per day
Weekly, fortnightly or monthly
Auto differentiation of timecard front/back
Heavy duty and long life printing mechanism with state-of-the-art 9 needle dot matrix print head
Lock/key and password protection
Overnight/nightshift function
Daylight saving time function
Press 1 button to upload data and 1 button to download data via the USB stick
Software packages in USB stick for creating the data settings on the PC and uploading to the QR-7550
Built-in memory battery backup
Fully charged battery allows for a maximum of 100 punches within 24 hours
Backlit LCD Display
Export to Excel spread sheet for payroll
48 different program settings for automatic column selection, special mark printing for core time violations
1 year warranty
Dimensions: W172 x H218 x D122mm
Weight: 1.9kg
Seiko with USB Stick QR-7550 Big Time Clock
Seiko with USB Stick QR-7550 Big Time Clock