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  Seiko QR395 calculating Time clock ONLY $748.
  Seiko QR395 calculating time clock Complete package $770.
  Seiko TP20 Date time stamp ONLY $539.
  Seiko TP20 Date time stamp Complete package $572.
  Seiko TP20 Date time stamp with RELAY $572.
  Seiko TP20 Date time stamp with RELAY 150mm Bell full pkge $682.
  Seiko TP20 Date time stamp with RELAY 105db Siren full pkge $716.
  Seiko QR6560 weekly / biweekly with RELAY Clock only $671.
  Seiko QR6560 weekly / biweekly with RELAY Complete pkge $704.
  Seiko QR6560 weekly / biweekly, RELAY, Bell-Siren full pkge $803.
  Seiko QR-7550 weekly pkge, bell Relay, USB & PC software $1399.

EXTRA TIMECARDS: per Box and Print Ribbon cassettes.
  For Seiko QR350, QR550,QR6560 x 800 weekly-biweekly cards $88.
  For Seiko QR375 QR7550, QR475 & QR6560 x 800 encoded cards $121
  For Seiko TP20 x 600 Jobcosting-pay timecards $77.
  For Seiko QR550, QR6500, QR6560, QR7550 & QR475 RIBBON $55.
  For Seiko QR100; QR350; & QR375 RIBBON $44.
  Seiko TP5, TP10, TP20 & Nideka AP10 Print ribbon cassette $44.
  Seiko QR475 Print ribbon cassette $55.

Timecard RACKS & External SIRENS or BELLS :
  For Seiko QR350;QR375;QR475;QR6560;TP20;TP5 RACK 25 slot $55.
  External 240V Bell 150mm 98db, $66.
  External 240V 105db motorized Siren $99.
  240v 130db motorized Siren $220.


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